Iron Oak Studios principal photographer


My foundation leading up to becoming a full time photographer has been built by over a decade of experience from behind-the-lens. This experience, ultimately has led me to become a writer and educator in the global photography space, contributing weekly to leading photography site,

In combination with my love of capturing the true character of people, and their emotion through portrait work is my passion for storytelling. Outside of the visual arts I have embraced a career in streamlining the complexities of today's technology based workflows for clients under leading brands including Apple, Inc. amongst others.

And what does this mean you ask, as a potential client of mine?

I have built a career from person-to-person relationships, and I would like to build with you an understanding of the imagery we can create together. Second I will strive to deliver on our shoot together. So you can be certain I am leveraging my experience, passion, class leading equipment, high end work flow, and time management in service of your photography needs.  

When you hire me, you not only acquire a service, but also a commitment that you will be satisfied with each image that I deliver to you. That commitment to satisfaction is at the heart of what I do as a skilled professional. 



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